O'Lantern Chapters

Annalise was sixteen when she died saving her brother and sister from a fire. One would think such an act at a young age was a straight ticket to an afterlife she expected. Instead she’s in a world of creatures only imagined about and who are only allowed to break through the thinning Veil on Hallow’s Eve. The Creature owns a bookshop and usually pretends not to hear when someone unwisely utters the name “Frankenstein.” Nevermore makes puns about his writer, Edgar “A. Poe-et” and has a penchant for whiskey. Arachne spins the fabrics for their odd little “town” and complains about the quality of modern day textiles. As an actual human soul, Anna’s an oddity and they make sure she knows this. All the while Jack o’Lantern turns out to be a spirit who’s free to come and go, unlike the rest of them. And yet he never offers to guide her to Heaven like he usually would. While dealing with the grief of her own life lost, odd things begin to happen. Dreams she shouldn’t have bleed into her memories. Memories not her own bleed into her dreams.

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Finally They found a body in the rubble. Everyone knew who it was. A dozen costumed teens and a dozen firefighters saw Annalise Grisholme. She ran back into…