About Uncanny Inklings

Uncanny Inklings are the darker musings of myself, Grace Neaksai Hough. These are the short stories and serial novels that I nurture like darlings before I murder them. These are the community pieces, not the portfolio pieces. These are my little love notes to thespeculative side of my mind.

About the Author

Grace Neaksai Hough is a 21-year-old animation and writing student from Texas graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Visualization in 2022. She has one cat named after the funeral flower “Lily” and four sister cats named after Dracula characters, two of which are technically still (well-fed) strays. Her middle name “Neaksai” is misspelled, but if it were spelled “correctly,” it would be confused for a word meaning a “two-year-old koi fish” or an early 20th-century word meaning “simpleton.” Sticking with that “k” in the middle sounds like a good idea.

You can find her other work on her main website at https://neaksai.com